The Superior Court recently announced amendments to Superior Court Civil Rule 107 regarding briefs.  The amendments include changes to Rule 107(b) and (h), as well as the adoption of Rule 107(j) and Form 48. Of note, the amendment to Rule 107 (h) redefines how the Court measures the length of briefs. Rather than imposing a page limit, the Rule now provides a type-volume limitation.

(1) Type-volume limitation. Without leave of Court, an opening or answering brief shall not exceed 8,000 words and no reply brief shall exceed 5,500 words, exclusive of appendix. In the calculation of words, the material required by paragraphs (e)(1) and (2) of this rule is excluded and the material required by paragraphs (e)(3) through (5) of this rule is included.

The amendments, which become effective July 15, 2017, may be read in their entirety here.



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